Hi my name is Ari Katz I’ve been introduced to Hersh Reich in 2012. That introduction has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and 4 years to pay back any money that has ended up in their hands from others thru me.

The following is putting a very long few years into very few words.

As a 22 year old at the time, that was all the money I had put away the four years I had worked hard prior to that. Not having that money come to me easy but thru real hard work for years. putting that away towards my future, I didn’t just Give all that money easily and just on someone’s words. I flew to Europe multiple times and insisted on seeing for myself I was picked up and driven around by others in their entourage, from locations of installation to company’s signing contracts with Reich to meetings. And even flying to Paris to meet with a prince of Dubai that was finally going to bail them out. When every dollar I had was now in their hands I was pushed and deceived to believe that more money if I can refer them to someone else or get money from elsewhere for just a few more days I’d finally and only then have my money out. And there went another few hundred thousand dollars that I didn’t have. knowing that they are about to destroy some innocent people. some of the moneys were coming from others that were putting everything on the line and about to pay real consequences on their day to day bread and butter, marriage and family situation if they don’t get that back. While knowing that all Of course with out thinking twice they let everyone pay for their “shpiel” to go on. Leaving me with nothing and my next few years to to get out of it and over it.

Everything I wrote can be looked into and after. I have documents itineraries bank checks, a deed as collateral that meant nothing. False documents emails photos and much more from them and blue energy team.

To anyone questioning the legitimacy of what’s being written about Hersh Reich and Mendle Klien I can assure you nothing I’ve read on this blog is false or exaggerated I’ve been there and seen them in play first hand.

And to the group or person behind this blog kudos for putting this together and if you are looking for material. I have multiple documents, photos, countless emails and conversations recorded. Feel free to reach out I’d be glad to contribute. I know if I was warned or others would have known. I would save a lot of money suffering to loved ones and some of my youth.

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