First let me start by answering, Who is Hersch Berl Reich and Mendel Klein?

They’re a group of two unemployed 40-50 year old brother-in-law world-class scam-artists, this duo is engaged in a web of international frauds, swindling 100’s of victims out of a their livelihoods to an astounding staggering amounts of more than 100 Million Dollars.

Their basic ‘get-rich-quick’ scam is as follows:They first start by seeking out some existing business or concept, which they then exploit to use as a basis for their fraud, they then go around showing documents that some business exists somewhere and raise monies from unknowing victims seeking to invest, they pressure you into giving them money emergency or you will lose out on the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity get-rich-fast investment. They need the money emergency and you get in back within weeks 200-1000% on your investment money. And most of the time they don’t even have any agreement, ownership or controlling interest in such business they’re selling you…  then they use the funds as they please, to fund their extravagant lifestyles, of luxury travel, casinos and women..

There’s black and white proof for all this statements and opinions, this is a blog based on the true events. The purpose of this blog is make potential investors and victims save their lives, livelihood, marriages, families – unlike the list of victims who already lost these..

2 thoughts on “WHY DID WE MAKE THIS BLOG”

  1. WOW, finally, i know firsthand stories this guy is a known Con-Artist, it all started when Reich approached MegaSpirea inventor and patent holder Mr. Luc Mertens, saying he’ll make him rich, but he needs to add Reich to the patent so he can go around claiming that he’s the genius to be able raise money for this, and subsequently went around and raised monies in USA, Israel England and Belgium, guaranteeing huge returns, however the monies raised went to fund his lavish lifestyle, where the real inventor together with the many victims never saw their money again…

  2. ATTENTION !!!
    Thanks to this platform you are warned to be careful of two conman by the name of Hersch Berl Reich and Mendel Klein both living in Antwerp/Belgium – New York/US.
    In the last years they have signed several million offer deals to buy but they never delivered on their promises.
    Their way is to sign offers to buy property, farm, factory, products, building, hotel or resorts but once this is done then they brings investors from worldwide that they tells them they own the place.
    With the advanced payment of the investor they live and entertain (casino, whores, limousine service, private jet, first class flights, parties, drugs…) their selves for free or reduced rate at the resort/hotel because of the upcoming transaction until the date of payment. Then they start giving excuses until the real owners lose patience then they disappear. They have done this in South-America, Europe and several other places around.
    Investors are being conned into a pyramid scheme! They bring investors to show properties they own but they cannot produce any supporting document from the deeds office or patent office. The search at these offices also shows that they own nothing.
    Both conman are professional thieves, incompetent in business, liars and they never concluded anything successful in their entire life.
    They deserve both prison and spit out from our Jewish community.
    You have been warned!!
    The earlier you act the better…

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